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Jose Mourinho is happy for Wenger despite losing to Arsenal

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This debut season of Jose Mourinho as the head coach of Manchester United is certainly not going how the Portuguese manager wanted it to, as the Red Devils are not going to become the new champions of England and will not be securing the 2nd spot either as the table toppers Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are just too far ahead.

Manchester United was also knocked out of the FA Cup competition after losing against Chelsea in the quarter-finals as they faced off on March 13.

Even though Jose Mourinho has lifted the FA Community Shield and the EFL Cup in his 1st season in charge of Manchester United, this season is still widely considered to be an underwhelming one as the bigger competitions such as the Premier League and the FA Cup has been a completely different story.

Paul Pogba has been a huge disappointment as the French youngster has only scored 4 league goals in 29 Premier League appearances which is extremely unsatisfying for a player that cost Manchester United £89.3 million and ZlatanIbrahimovic picked up an injury that will be leaving him out of the pitch for 8 months. Continue reading

Neil Lennon surprised about his exit from Bolton

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Neil Lennon hadn’t thought his reign at Bolton would unfold like it unfolded.

The task Lennon was assigned first up was to ensure that the team does not suffer a drop and with that, he was promised that the funds would be supplied for the business in the summer.

Lennon, as he says, had no reason not to believe that because he had seen limitless money getting used for inessential resources at the club and he could never have thought that one event would suddenly cause a huge scarcity of cash.

But, it happened and it happened because of the illness of club president. That illness just changed the whole complexion of the club. Forget any new players, forget any more funds, the manager was given the message that the costs had to be cut down, the players had to be sold. All his steps should be aimed at reducing the expenditure. Continue reading

Pele is considered to be one of the greatest players

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Pele is considered to be one of the greatest players to ever grace a football pitch as the retired footballer managed to reach a number of outstanding feats during his playing career including winning the FIFA World Cup in 3 different occasions as well as scoring over 600 goals for his former club Santos.

However, there is something that Pele has always seemed to struggle with and that’s in relation to his predictions as the Brazilian never seems to get his football predictions correctly.

Back in 1998, Pele said that he believed Spain would win the 1998 World Cup in France but the Spanish squad was knocked out in the first round after suffering a surprising defeat against Nigeria and drawing with Paraguay.

Fast-forward a few years and Pele went on saying that Argentina and France would both reach the finals of the 2002 World Cup and it didn’t happen as both countries were knocked out in the first round.

One of the latest predictions that Pele announced is that an African nation would win the World Cup before the year 2000 but it hasn’t happened and it’s already 2015.

The main reason that is believed on to why any African nation has been able to even reach the semi-finals of any World Cup is not because of the lack of talent that the country has but instead it’s being pointed towards the amount of corruption, incompetence and indifference that many African governments are being run.

There have been occasions on which players from African nations have been left stranded in airports for over 8 hours, while others have lost their equipment. During long 10 hour trips by plane, some players travel on the business class while others are moved to other sections. Continue reading