Neil Lennon surprised about his exit from Bolton

Neil Lennon hadn’t thought his reign at Bolton would unfold like it unfolded.

The task Lennon was assigned first up was to ensure that the team does not suffer a drop and with that, he was promised that the funds would be supplied for the business in the summer.

Lennon, as he says, had no reason not to believe that because he had seen limitless money getting used for inessential resources at the club and he could never have thought that one event would suddenly cause a huge scarcity of cash.

But, it happened and it happened because of the illness of club president. That illness just changed the whole complexion of the club. Forget any new players, forget any more funds, the manager was given the message that the costs had to be cut down, the players had to be sold. All his steps should be aimed at reducing the expenditure.

It was all shocking for Lennon. He had a little bit of knowledge about the debt the club was under, but, he had never anticipated it to become such a problem suddenly. According to him, if he had anticipated it, he might not have taken the job in the first place. It was so unfortunate to see even the staff suffering, people who had spent a majority of their lives working at that same place; everyone had to be at the receiving end of the situation.

The Irishman says he would never wish for any fellow coach to be in that situation where he has to be forcefully robbing himself off his resources.

Lennon however never looked for the easier route to just resign. He still continued in the most adverse of the scenarios, but, at last, with things not improving even a shadow, he agreed with the club to part ways in March.