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  1. superhazardz

    No, they weren’t fearing relegation. They were finishing in and around the top 4 with players like Lampard, Terry, Desailly, Zola & JFH

  2. Ciaran Smith

    what the fuck are you talking about?
    before Abramovich arrived we had just finished in the top 6 for a SEVENTH time in a row…
    seriously is Wikipedia really that hard to use?

  3. markgazeley15

    they were fearing relegation before abramovich bought them they were not the club they were before and i stop replying to my comments ffs uneducated doesn’t having anything to do with this

  4. superhazardz

    I hate Chelsea with a passion but the 3 seasons before they got relegated, they finished 6th twice, followed by a 4th place finish, you uneducated fuck.

  5. xB4UC

    Considering Chelsea had more success before RA bought them. ‘Cups Chelsea won after 03′ don’t count’.- That’s the funniest thing i’ve ever read. Lol yet the only reason why they say Chelsea buy players was because of Torres.

  6. TheAnthrax12345

    Dortmund is a good example… they may win the champions league this season… and out of the 4 they are not the richest… Just a lot of work and dedication has been placed in the team….

  7. X340retroX

    Well you obviously know what you are talking about so sorry for arguing but many teams have won the cup when they were average when it came to wealth and there are still a lot of teams with potential of winning without a lot of money

  8. Ciaran Smith

    Steaua was in 1986… that’s a fair bit over 20 years ago dude.
    Eindhoven won it in 1988 (again that’s over 20 years ago)
    Red Star Belgrade was 1991 (once AGAIN that’s over 20 years ago) -__-
    Marseille and Ajax were both supremely rich at the points where they won.

    but i will admit Porto do stand up as a decent example.
    although the champions league was just BIZARRE in 2003/04.

  9. Ciaran Smith

    can you name me a SINGLE time in the last 20 years where the champions league WASN’T won by one of the richest teams in the world?

    that’s the fact of modern football, you need to be rich to compete.

    a bayern fan criticizing high-spending is pretty rich though.
    sure. you haven’t spent as much as us, but you’d be still irrelevant too without the money,
    you’ve spent around 258 million in the last 5 years alone! not that much different,

  10. X340retroX

    What makes you think that Chelsea would still be in top 4 now if Abramovich never was the owner? Funny how they could never win the CL even with their greatest squads until Abramovich took over..

  11. Ciaran Smith

    here’s my advice, GET THE FUCK OVER IT!
    Money is a major part of football now, and unlike Man City, chelsea were good before they had money,
    who’s to say what would happen without abramovich?
    nobody unless you’re such a pretentious little fuckball that you believe you can read the future.
    If it weren’t for the way arsenal’s board work to line their own pockets Le Arse would probably be spending just as much as us if not more..
    who the fuck cares about spending when EVERY CLUB DOES IT?

  12. RunEnabled

    Yeah. Which is shit. Again, Chel$ea fans have no right other than to suck Ambramovich’s dick 24/7.

  13. RunEnabled

    That’s right. Chel$ea was nothing before Ambramovich. That’s why Chel$ea fans have no right other than to suck his dick 24/7. Ungrateful idiot fans.

  14. Ciaran Smith

    (starts by bragging about trophies)
    (then calls me a glory-hunter)
    please, be more retarded. it suits you.

    and the answer to your question:
    in the 6 years before abramovich arrived, we won : 2 FA Cups. a League cup, and a Uefa cup winners’ cup.
    which is 4 times as much silverware as arsenal have picked up in the last 8 years…

    if our team of 2000 Featuring Zola, Di Matteo, etc. were to play your current team?
    you’d get fucking raped.
    without RVP, arsenal aren’t worth shit,

  15. gummy bear

    please, how many trophies had you one before roman joined? dumb fucker, plus i’m sure you only supported them after he joined you glory hunting cunt.

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