25 thoughts on “Fulham Football Club – History Compilation

  1. AdelaideUnitedFC2011

    It’s a tricky one. If Stoke weren’t promoted in 2008, I’d have probably supported Fulham instead as I was admired by their great escape that year, and I didn’t have an EPL club to support at the time.. but Stoke are my team, and have been for 5 years pretty much because I managed them on FIFA06.

  2. LittleBiccie

    It’s sad Fulham have so many plastic supporter’s. Let’s see how many go along to the Cottage when back in the Championship.

  3. Rosiestones1

    I had no idea that Fulham has fans in the USA untill I met some ar Craven Cottage at Christmas. Greetings to you all

  4. DJQuinn

    @1parraeels Nah mate… there’s a few of us here. My teammates dad and I are both Fulham supporters and I saw a guy wearing a 2010 season home jersey at Suncorp Stadium when Roar played Phoenix last weekend.

  5. moonfire98

    Don’t worry, I’m the only one in NZ! haha, lest your not the only Australasian!

  6. ShamelessSmith

    Fulham need the right man to take them forward as their new manager and Gareth Southgate is that very man. My video proves it.

  7. foreverandafter

    hello, my team is atletico de madrid but I felt really sorry after the match for you all… your supporters are really pacific people and your players too… best wishes for the future

  8. britishbulldog2008

    well unlucky tonight a fuckin shame, my heart was beating hard in the last five min’s and i’m a newcastle fan.
    You deserved the cup.

  9. NoriokoTheMagicSkunk

    Well done Fulham.

    A proper football club and their fans deserve this success.

    I hope they win it, they deserve it more than anyone else.

    Good luck.

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