25 thoughts on “James McDonough applies for Blackburn Rovers Job


    Haha funniest thing on YouTube ! Fucking northern dole scum just don’t understand why everyone thinks they’re cunts

  2. Joe Bloggs

    Rovers in an absolute mess all season and still in with a chance of finishing above the inbred, dirty farmers. How shit are Burnley, its embarassing to have rivals of your calibre.

  3. gordonramsay82

    Wheres you’re walker gone ???? Back to reality,,welcome back to the real position of roverrrss and long may you’re decline continue, up the clarets!!


    I’m a blackburn fan and everything is so messed up that its reached the point where I get told were in the religation zone and I say “well that doesn’t surprise me and at least we might win the jpt next year”

  5. Harry North

    Blackburn are an absolute joke, they’d be lucky to have a manager of the capabilities of Mr. McDonough, it’s a great shame for everybody that he has pulled out..

  6. MichelleLouise2012

    Those lads who appear on camera going about “divided loyalties”… Lads, have a word with yourselves, eh?

  7. john-roy ellicott

    burnley’s shirt looks like shit, looks like shit, looks like shit, burnley’s shirt looks like shit, hahaha. blackburn’s shirt is the best!

  8. Harry Barker

    Ok I admit it I really do hate Burnley fans! Alot of them are really scummy. But this is genius.

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