23 thoughts on “Felix Magath’s First Fulham Press Conference

  1. jackiemarsala

    I see where this fat bag of shit criticised Landon Donavan after his mild
    comments concerning USA pathetic effort against Belgium.
    Bastard should first learn english and then look to his worthless group at
    Fulham—–surely headed for relegation.
    The scum you brits allow in the newest islamic state, england, continues
    to amaze.
    Where is this bag o shit from, anyway?

  2. amaro lucano

    He actually talks faster in English than he does in German. “Too many
    players at Fulham” – lol. If I remember correctly his squad at Wolfsburg
    numbered close to fifty. Ad multos annos though, guy can be a real joker.

  3. MrBananaBandana

    A bit concerned about the getting rid of players bit, who has he got in
    mind? All the best to him though, he’s been in this situation many a time!

  4. Sbobet Bangkokian

    โอ้วเยสสส…มากั๊ซ โดนรัวซะนับไม่ถ้วน ช่างภาพก็อะนะ ยิงซะพรุนเลยยย…

  5. Fulham Football Club

    Watch extended footage of Felix Magath’s first press conference as Fulham
    Manager, held at Craven Cottage. #FFC 

  6. InEx945

    Never relegated sure, but he would have been if Werder Bremen wouldn’t have
    sacked him before it was too late ;)

  7. DieWildeHildegard

    can´t wait to see Felix running the sideline Up and down , like a wild
    Horse :D. But until now he made it without a Heart Attack :D

  8. Leonard Weskamp

    his english is realy bad.
    If my informations a correct his father was an U.S. marin from Puerto Rico.

  9. Tequila Sunrise

    Dont listen to the haters guys, there are alot of them in germany. Even
    national sport heroes like Matthäus and Becker get much hate over here.

    Felix is a very nice guy, raul wouldnt have come to schalke without him.
    His father is south-american so he can speak spanish too.

  10. rustlin cohle

    Feeeelix! I wish you all the best at Fulham! Maybe can both sides benefit
    from this cooperation. Fulham won’t go down and you can improve your
    English :)

  11. silentwars666

    Bit of a coup for Fulham. This guy has won league titles and ends up
    accepting a club fighting for surival! Think he’ll do a good job.

  12. 19anonymus95

    Was für ne scheiße labert ihr hier? Ich hab seit 8 Jahren Englisch auf
    Gymnasium und bin nicht besser, sein Englisch ist voll ok. Lernt ihr doch
    mal Deutsch oder Spanisch!

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