Paul Pogba to Work Hard for Manchester United


One of the most famous footballers of France Paul Pogba has been stamped as a problem for Manchester United according to the coach Paul Ince.

He has advised Pogba to forget about his previous team Real Madrid and focus on his current team. Paul Ince has also added that Pogba should work very hard so that he can regain his position in the first XI of the team. The transfer from the LA Liga giants Real Madrid to the English Premier League giants Manchester United, created great hype and supporters tied their hope with Paul Pogba that he will help the team to show tremendous performance in the English Premier League matches.

But unfortunately, their hopes were put to the Tames and Pogba reportedly lost his position even in the first Xi of the team. According to the coach, Pogba is facing some problems to adapt to the team and his teammates. Since Pogba joined Manchester united, he had been selected for the starting XI only 5 times and among them, he was in the field for the full match twice. According to the coach, there is no doubt about the ability of Paul Pogba in the field but since he came back to the club, there have been only problems and nothing else. Pogba has played in many of the top clubs of the football world and has a good reputation for his skills and touch.

The coach Paul Ince thinks that Pogba should realize the reality of the current situation. He is not being able to perform as per his reputation and has been left on the reserve bench while his former teammates along with newly joined players are playing well. Since Manchester United is going through a poor season in 2020-21, he wants Pogba to deliver for his team now.