Paul Pogba: It is My Wish to Leave Manchester United

Gary Neville is considered to be the icon for Manchester United. He said that there is no doubt about the fact that Paul Pogba wants to leave the club. It has also been revealed that he has said the club to not deal with any kind of disgrace of an agent. Earlier, links have been associated with him about his shift to Real Madrid during the summer move. But he has kept nothing like a secret from his side that he wants to leave the club and join another. He has said that in an indirect manner by quoting that he is looking for new challenges in his life.

Mino Raiola is the controversial agent who worked for the Frenchman. He repeated the words of Pogba by saying that there is no one who does not have the idea about his desires to transfer to any other club. He also stated that they are going through the process so that he can easily move into another soon. He added that everyone has the idea of how Paul feels about his current club and why he wants to move.

However, Manchester United was firm over the valuation for him who has contributed a lot to the club. He was the midfielder and winner for French World cup. He returned to Man Utd with a record amount of £89million in the year 2006. That was the highest valuation that the club has offered to anyone since then. It was later known that they offered this huge amount to him to force him to stay with Manchester for the next term.

Gary Neville has now given his own view on Pogba’s move from Manchester United. He said that the agent who works for him is absolutely a disgrace. He has a disgrace for all over Europe and so it is a must for not only Manchester United but entire Europe should stop working with him.​