Parkinson looking to improve Bolton

Bolton Wanderers have made their best start to a season for more than 80 years by winning 4 games out of 4.

However, their coach Phil Parkinson believes that the team should keep working in order to improve. He said that as a coach you should always strive for perfection and find out how you can improve the team.

He is a big believer in hard work and said that the only way to improve the team is to keep working. He said that as a coach you cannot afford the luxury of thinking that you are a great team and that you should keep improving the team. He said that he still spend times on the pitch to train the players, and he keeps looking at the match videos to find out what they can improve in the team.

The players said that they are enjoying their game at the moment and that they are working hard in training for that. Wheater stated that the players are fully focused on the task and that they are following the instructions given by the manager.

Phil Parkinson said that his players have been amazing since the start of the season, but he believes that they can still improve. He admitted that the season is still long and that they still have to face the best sides in the league. However, he believes that the team is on the right track and that they can have a good chance of promotion if they maintain this form.

At the moment he does not want to think about promotion but wants to make sure that they win every game. Phil Parkinson said that the best way to improve the team is to motivate the players to work hard in training and make sure they follow instructions.