Jose Mourinho Must Solve Manchester United Attacking Problems

The team of Manchester United has spent minimal time in the final third as an opposition in compare to any other Premier League club all through this season. So, we are examining the attacking problems of Jose Mourinho here.

“I had anticipated the Premier League will conclude quickly. But it got to hear from my teammates that this is always the kind of game you get to play against United. United like to keep it slow.”

In the recent week, Jose Mourinho has not been short of critics, but the summer signing of Brighton from Leon Balogun, Mainz took another angel. Sharing his thought after the team 3-2 win over Manchester United, the center-back recommended that, while the decline of United has been scrutinized, the attacking play of the team could be a serious cause of concern.

The statics do not paint a nice picture by playing only two games in the new season, United have the average of 55% ball opposite Brighton and Leicester in their first two matches played during 2018/19. This ranks them in the sixth position in the Premier League.

However, when it comes to making the goal shots and opposition box touches, the team is way down the standings. As far as the possessions are concerned, United has not been short but the team has defended against to pick a way defense. The stats say that around 1.7 per cent of their touches have gone in the penalty area of opposition. In comparison is done, and then the Manchester City team is up at 5.3 %.

Obviously, there is always more than one way to attack. But, the problem with the team United is that they are not getting anywhere by keeping the patient in possession – and also they are not attacking quickly.